time - cover spread

Text by Aristotle

Artists book by Eric Alstrom

 Dimensions: 9 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ x 3/4″

Description: The layout was designed on the computer in Garmamond and Zapfino. The text was photocopied onto tinted Rives BFK in two passes, with additional decoration added during and after the printing process. Decoration done in acrylics and gold and red stamping foil.  The book was bound in a modified drumleaf binding, with a distressed leather spine and Cialux Italian bookcloth covers.

Artist’s Statement: The inspiration for time is Aristotle’s theory of time, taken from his Physics. The text was slightly modified for typographic purposes. As the reader discovers Aristotle’s ideas on this elusive subject, a circle cut out of each page, which gradually grows larger like a clock, represents the passing of time.

Page Spreads

time - spread 1 - title page

time - spread 2

time - spread 3

time - spread 4

time - spread 5

time - spread 6

time - spread 7

time - spread 8

time - spread 9

time - spread 10

time - spread 11

time - spread 12

time - spread 13

time - spread 14

time - spread 15 - colophon

Additional Views

time - front cover

time - fore edge


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