History of the Great Fires in Chicago and the West

Great Fires - after - cover spread

by E. J. Goodspeed
Goodspeed & Co., 1871

Conservation Treatment by Eric Alstrom

Dimensions: 8 3/4″ x 6″ x 1 1/2″

Description: A conservation treatment carried out in the spirit of the Tomorrow’s Past movement. Textblock mended as needed. New spine created with acrylic paints on solid-dyed moriki. Variation of the simplified binding used to recase the book (i.e. spine attached to hollow and boards attached separately). See the treatment report for full details.

Artist’s Statement: Being both a design binder/book artist and conservator, I don’t have much chance to combine these two areas (besides skill sets). This approach lets me use my creative side while still adhering to the principals of the conservation code of ethics. While it will not be for most books I treat, it is another approach to use when something more than a strict historic reproduction is called for.

Before Pictures

spine and cover

front board detached

tear in map

During Pictures

spine before cleaning

cleaning spine

hinging on title page

reinforcing corners

reconstructed endcaps

spine with hollow

After Pictures

cover and spine detail

headcap detail

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