About Eric Alstrom

I am a bookbinder and conservator in Michigan.

The Pencil

The Pencil - cover spread

The Pencil – cover spread

by Henry Petroski
Alfred A. Knopf, 1990

Bound by Eric Alstrom

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Recent works now available

I have been busy organizing and uploading some of my more recent books. There are several design bindings now available to view as well as a bit of activity in the artists books gallery and conservation page.

Besides what you can see on these pages, I am going through the images and information files I have on my computer and organizing everything so I can keep better track of this documentation in the future. That is what is taking most of the time. But I am trying to keep that minimal so I can keep posting new books here on the web.

Check back periodically. My goal is to post a two or three books each week. Now that I’ve said that publicly, I’ll have to stick to it, right?

If you want to see my older work, it is still available on my old Eric Alstrom | BookWorks website.

Eric Alstrom | BookWorks is moving

In an effort to get my website up to date and easier to maintain, I am switching over to WordPress. I have started to add some more recent bindings that are not on my other WebAlstrom website. I’ll slowly add more over the coming weeks. Check back occasionally to see what new stuff has been added.

To see my pictures of my less recent artists books and design bindings, visit <webalstrom.ftml.net/bookworks/>.