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2 thoughts on “Workshops & Instruction

  1. Hey Eric,

    I really enjoyed your talk on Japanese manuscript bindings back in October. In fact, I liked it so much that we are going to do it for a kids’ summer camp this year at our Library. I was wondering, what is the Japanese paper you use for the cover. I have build hardcover versions in the past with a hinge, but this was a huge pain when you have 10 little kids all covered in glue. I really like the idea of using good, sound, flexible, and traditional cover text material. Thanks!

    Brien Beidler

  2. Brien,

    I used moriki, a solid-dyed Japanese paper for the covers on the books I demoed at Standards. If you are doing the traditional binding with the edges of the cover turned in, moriki is a good choice for the weight of the paper and the choice of colors. There are other Japanese papers of a similar weight that come in various patterns. If you would rather not do the glued-on, turned-in cover (i.e. just a sewn on cover) I like to use lokta, which is heavier but also comes in a variety of colors.

    It’s great you are going to have kids make these books. Good luck with the glue… and the thread!


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